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badmanj 2012-07-23 03:21 AM

Calendar Exceptions - how to use?

I've created a task, assigned to resource 'X'. In resource 'X's profile I've entered an exception in their calendar for two weeks since they're on vacation. This exception time happens during the created task.

I would have expected this to cause the task to extend by two weeks and mark the vacation period on the plan - but instead, it just marks the task as having a violation due to the exception.

Am I doing this wrong? I just want to be able to factor vacation times into my plans and this does seem to be the right approach but it just doesn't do what I would expect...



badmanj 2012-07-27 12:48 PM

No one?

Is there an official support channel for this product at all? Could really use some help!


Brian 2012-07-27 01:57 PM

Sorry about this! We spend as much time on the forums as we're able, Jamie, but only after we've taken care of our other duties. In a week when Apple ships a new version of OS X, those duties keep us pretty busy.

In cases where you need a rapid response (and it sounds like this is one), you'll want to send support mail or call 800.315.6664 to reach us by phone. To request support via email, tap the Gear button in the toolbar of OmniPlan for iPad's document picker screen, or send a message to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] from your preferred mail app.

Based on your description, I'd expect OmniPlan to do approximately what you're after. It should be extend the duration of tasks overlapping with that vacation, in other words. Can you use one of the methods I mentioned above to get in touch with us so we can investigate this with you? I suspect there's an additional factor of some sort that's causing the exception you're getting; it'll be easiest to figure this out via one of those methods. Hope this helps.

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