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Andrew N 2008-04-01 01:04 PM

Linked graphics are really annoying
One feature I wish had been improved in Omnigraffle is it's handling of linked graphics.

I am working on a 200+ page document with multiple linked graphics. It works fine providing I do not:

1) Move the document (and the linked files) to another computer - the links become unrepairable. A save on another computer destroys the links totally (really annoying). This makes any kind of collaborative working on such a document hard.

2) Copying linked images to another document embeds the linked image.

3) Moving canvasses between documents embeds the linked image.

I recently had to flatten my document so that somebody else could work on it while I was on holiday.(Using 'Save As' and 'Copy linked files into the document'). It has become much more cumbersome now to work with.

A better solution would be to show omnigraffle where at least one of the images is located if the document is moved to another computer, and then graffle could work out the relative paths of any other moved images.

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