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rosette 2009-05-08 07:48 AM

vector pattern fills?
Hi all, I'm demoing OG Pro, which has pattern fill support.

Any chance there's a way to get vector pattern fills? I tried a few of the defaults, but they seem to be raster images.

I really hope OG can do this... it seems like such basic functionality for a vector editor, but I've only found Intaglio and Inkscape that can do it. I'd much rather use OG..


Joel 2009-05-08 08:02 AM

It's not possible at the moment -- We toyed around with reproducing the pattern fills with vector equivalents, and then realized that they more or less need to be raster images in order to support Visio's pattern fills (which are raster images, and in truth, the reason the pattern fills are in OmniGraffle Professional to begin with).

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