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lorew 2012-07-24 10:30 PM

Sync Problem when offline

I am adding tasks in OF on my iPhone 4 but at that time I am offline as I don't have a data plan. I keep OF in the background open.

When I come back to the office, my iPhone logs into the Wifi. However the tasks don't get synced. I have to open OF from the background and it syncs immediately and all is ok.

Is this normal? I was hoping that OF will sync automatically as soon as it is "online" as I keep OF open in the background?

Thanks for any ideas


Lizard 2012-07-25 11:02 AM

This is normal.

iOS puts significant limitations on what most applications can do in the background. In general, OmniFocus can only do stuff (like start a sync) if you bring it to the foreground, or if some other event in the system wakes it up (a timer or a location event).

One idea we've got in our "Someday/Maybe" queue is to be able to set locations where OmniFocus should try to wake up & sync, as [URL=""]Instapaper does[/URL].

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