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omnibob 2012-08-06 01:22 PM

Task turned Hammock; its effort reduced (SOLVED)
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I'm trying to create a hammock task. In attempting to recreate the tutorial (glue; let glue dry; spray top coat), I've set a "let glue dry" effort of 3H. After creating the dependencies the way I *think* they're supposed to be, and then turning the "let glue dry" task into a hammock, it's duration is reduced to .25H (or whatever effort I set the "spray top coat" task to. In the attached .png, I have no resource attached to the hammock task, but even when I assigned it to a resource "factory", the results are the same. Perhaps my dependencies are wrong.

The attached PNG is how things look just prior to to changing the task 2 to a hammock task.

omnibob 2012-08-14 07:58 AM

Omni explained to me that I just need to set the start date/time of task 3 to wherever is needed, to adjust the length of the hammock. Problem solved.

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