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Revearti 2013-05-28 07:15 AM

Someday/Maybe Project vs Context
Hi, everyone.

I'm streamlining my projects and contexts, and I'm stuck on something, and I would love some ideas from the OF community.

(1) Here are a couple notes. I'm experimenting with Energy / State of Mind contexts versus Mac / Online / iPad / Etc.
(2) I enjoy using Perspectives.
(3) I have a Home folder and a Work folder on the Project level.

With that in mind, my question is, [B]Is there a benefit to making Someday/Maybe a context versus a project?[/B]

Sometimes I want actions set as Someday/Maybe, but some take little time, a lot of time, or a certain mood. For example:

(1) Read this cool 1000 page book would be when I'm [B]relaxed[/B].
[B]Folder[/B] Home > [B]Project[/B] Someday/Maybe
[B]Context[/B] > Relaxed

(2) Clean out kitchen cabinets when I'm [B]motivated[/B].
[B]Folder[/B] Home > [B]Project[/B] Someday/Maybe
[B]Context[/B] > Motivated

Couldn't I set the Focus to Someday/Maybe located under the [B]Home[/B] folder and get the same result as someone organizing Someday/Maybe actions under Contexts? If I set [B]Focus[/B] on that project and create a Perspective for all of my contexts, I should only see the Home > Someday/Maybe items. Is there a disadvantage to this approach?

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