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smew 2007-06-15 12:10 PM

"Doing things as they show up"
While I find OF absolutely great for 80% of my usage, there's a 20% when a number of different projects quickly come up and have to be dealt with over the next couple of hours, while not neglecting the stuff that's already in the system. That's where I get confused, because there isn't time to do the processing in OF; I will put them into the inbox, but that requires clean up and then reviewing. As it stands, urgent tasks pretty much go buried and I'll find them dead at the end of the day when I finally get a chance to do a review.

One great way to get over this would be to allow QuickEntry to create projects per se (including putting them into the hierarchy, which is what I miss about the current manner of creating projects in QE), flag them and set them to a 20-minute review time.

I'm not sure what's the planned review behaviour, but even something as simple as a pop-up reminder that can also be accessed as a list (project x should have been reviewed 10 minutes ago, project w is scheduled for review in 1 hour) would be useful.

How do you deal with "doing things as they show up"? How could OF help with that more?

gofast 2007-06-15 12:24 PM

For me, that sort of task *usually* is a one off or part of a project that is set to parallel. They usually appear in my inbox first as well.

So when processing my mail I'll use the script available in [URL=""]this thread[/URL] to dump them to my OF inbox. Then when processing my inbox I either flag them and sort flagged items afterwards to get them done, or I might create a project called URGENT that I deal with immediately.

You can of course create a project called urgent using Quick Entry as well, so I haven't (yet) missed anything critical.

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