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MB_UST 2007-12-17 02:30 PM

Jott to OmniFocus Script posted
I've posted a file on my site that converts Jott emails to OmniFocus action items. It also converts the reminder date to the due date. Please read the information on the script page for more details, at [url][/url], under OmniFocus scripts.

MB_UST 2008-01-01 09:10 AM

A new upgrade of the Jott to OmniFocus script is now available on my web site. The new version recognizes projects along with contexts and due dates. I've added a brief page of instructions. (The script should work with Tiger, but may not work with Leopard, as there seem to be compatibilitiy problems in AppleScript). The scrip can be found at [url][/url], under OmniFocus scripts.

Happy New Year!

recenelloa 2008-01-02 11:25 PM

i dont use entourage, i prefer mail. i also don't know anything about editing applescript. why must i buy tex-edit in order to use this?

MB_UST 2008-01-03 05:07 AM

I find Entourage to be much more powerful than Mail, so every time that I try to switch, I'm left disappointed. That is way I write my scripts for Entourage first. If scripts are simple enough to re-write for Mail, I don't mind doing so. I may do that for the Jott to OmniFocus script, but no promises.

The reason Tex-Edit Plus is a necessary download is because in the current version some of the parsing of the Jott message happens in Tex-Edit. Again, I may re-write the script to by-pass this need, but at the moment you need to download it (again, no promises; after all, the script is free).

I suggest you download Tex-Edit, try it, and if you like it pay the shareware fee. I paid mine a long time ago and have not been disappointed, but that is because I've used it for many scripts. It may be different for you since you don't write scripts, . . . yet! ;)

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