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sh12 2012-12-06 03:50 AM

Notes data in exports
Hi All

I am trying out OmniGraffle and wondering this is possible.

An object has a note and extra data. Is it possible to get this to show when exporting to PDF or HTML? On hover or click.

With PDF I can get it to show just the note, not the extra data entered below though. I'll be honest too, it's not the prettiest how it sticks the fat note icon over the top so I think web would be preferred, but I can't see anything on exporting to HTML at all.


sh12 2012-12-06 04:35 AM

Related to this:

How do you get this data to show on the diagram its self? Ie. I'm entering IP information in to the data fields for network equipment. How can I automatically show that by each shape?

Thank you!

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