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radii0 2009-07-29 01:33 AM

[SOLVED] OmniFocus Mac - Unable to connect to host
Dear community,

I'm using OF Mac and OF iPhone. Synchronisation over WebDav worked seamessly until yesterday, when OF Mac didn't sync. The error message shown when the sync operation fails is the following (translation from French) :

Unable to synchronise database with server
Unable to connect with host

My configuration is the following :

I have an account at SwissDisk (provider recommended in the OmniFocus forums) dedicated only to OmniFocus synchronisation. There is just one file in the root folder called OmniFocus.ofocus, and an iCal calendar (new feature?). The address of the host is<myname>.

My iPhone syncs perfectly, and the Mac synced perfectly until yesterday. I guess that I forced quit OmniFocus when it was opening (because I didn't want it to sync yet, because iPhone was syncing at the same time) and I believe that caused the problem.

I've reinitialised OmniFocus sync preferences, I've reinitialised the Keychain access, I've trashed OmniFocus preferences, etc., but OF Mac still doesn't connect. I've read that maybe it's caused by a small corruption of the .ofocus file in the server, and that it need to be purged (something like that).

I would like you to help me with this issue, since I think I tested all the known ways to solve it and It didn't work.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Edit : It was Little Snitcher who was blocking the connection. I'm sorry. :(
Edit 2 : OmniFocus is just a wonderful software package.

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