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zdlo 2010-12-16 04:41 PM

Can't send crash reports
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Recently, crash incidents started to happen frequently.

Three types of recent crashes in order of frequency:
1. When I return to my desk, I find the crash report screen open
2. Sometimes, when a YouTube video starts to load, OmniWeb crashes
3. Sometimes it just crashes, and at the same time, one of my external drives spins up from its sleep state

In all these crashes, I see the crash report screen. The first time, it asked me if Mail could be used instead of Google Notifier, and I selected Mail. It has never asked me anything about this again, and I couldn't find this option anywhere in preferences. Although I selected Mail to be used, it always tries to send the crash report with Google Notifier. I know this, because every time it restarts after a crash (with a report I wrote and sent), a gmail crash page appears as a tab, indicating a "too long URL" error.

I would like to make it use Mail -as I selected when it asked- to be able to send my crash reports.

I also would like to know if my crashes can be fixed by my side, as I suspect the regular spinning down of the external drives to be the source of the problem. However, OmniWeb wasn't crashing before, with the same disks I've been using since forever. So maybe there is something else behind those crashes, or something is affecting the hard drive states; i.e. a memory dump. I should underline that I wasn't having crash issues with OmniWeb before; at least not so frequently, and not like the ones I listed.

Any help will be appreciated.[/FONT]

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