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Blodwyn 2009-07-11 05:43 PM

PC Outline style '+' and '-'
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As an old-school outliner from PC-Outline days, I always preferred the '+' and '-' symbols for collapsed and expanded entries. Fortunately it's easy to achieve this in OO and OOP, as follows (note, please make a backup copy of the original files just in case...)

- Right-click on the OO or OOP application and select 'Show Package Contents'
- Browse to Contents>Resources
- Copy the 3 files attached to this post into the folder, replacing the existing files
- You're done!

Now when you open any outline it will have the '+' and '-' symbols, which (IMHO) improve the whole look of an outline. You can also change the Text and RTF export preferences to export plusses and minuses too.

Of course, whenever you update the application it will revert back to the standard symbols, but it only takes a few seconds to reapply this trick.

RobTrew 2009-07-12 03:20 AM

As a variant on this theme - I alway think it a pity that the bullets and triangles are full-contrast black, and therefore in the same visual plane as the text, which should really be alone in the foreground.

[COLOR="DimGray"]I prefer the bullets to be visually muted - pushed into the background - i.e. slightly grayed.[/COLOR]

It would be good to be able to set options in OO4, rather than have to dive into the app package and modify its resource files.


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