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TimmyDee 2009-11-11 07:49 AM

Certain CSS styles won't render
I had a problem launching OW this morning, so I deleted the cache and history files. Now, the main styles for the NY Times are not showing up (renders as Lucida Grande instead of Georgia) and the Mac Rumors headline text is particularly small (and in a different font, I believe). But CSS on other pages appears fine. These errors don't show up in Safari.

I've tried deleting cache and history again and upgrading to the latest Sneaky Peak to no avail. Any ideas?

TimmyDee 2009-11-11 12:20 PM

I did some more trouble shooting, and now I'm really stumped. I deleted all OW files that I could think of (preferences, Application Support, and cache). No luck. Restored those and turned off any ad-blocking preferences. No luck. Checked to see if I had a custom CSS (never set one, but checked anyway). Nope.

Wait, I just found a common issue: Georgia. Any site that renders with Georgia won't use that font. I have it installed in two placesó/Library/Fonts and /Library/Fonts/Microsoft. Disabling the MS installation does't help, but OW crashed when I did so. In fact, just clicking on Georgia in the Font Book makes OW crash.

whpalmer4 2009-11-11 02:16 PM

What does Font Book report if you tell it to validate the Georgia fonts? The NYT loads fine for me in OW 5.10.2, and looks pretty much identical to Safari 4.0.3's rendering of the page.

TimmyDee 2009-11-11 02:52 PM

Just the error about it being duplicated (which it has been for some time). NYT and other pages with Georgia used to load just fine with both OW and Safari. Now they won't (even my personal site, which uses Georgia). Safari is still OK, though.

whpalmer4 2009-11-11 06:27 PM

What if you make a new user account and try it there? That will isolate whether the problem is due to some state in your account, or elsewhere in the system.

TimmyDee 2009-11-12 08:08 AM

I haven't created a new user account yet, but I did find an odd solution. If I delete all instances of the font (while OW is quit—it crashes otherwise), and then reinstall it once (in /Library/Fonts only), then they are restored. Weird.

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