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kimb68 2012-01-18 08:09 AM

Show/hide layers doesn't work
There's a previous thread about this problem ("Problem using actions to show/hide layers"), but there doesn't seem to be any resolution.

I'm running OG Pro v5.3.6 and the show/hide layers function simply doesn't work. I can jump to another canvas but I can't show and hide a layer on the same canvas. If I examine the HTML generated on export, there's simply nothing there -- no image map or anything.

Does this function really not work? How is that possible?

gavinwye 2012-05-15 05:26 AM

Show/hide layers doesn't work
Hi Kim,

The reason this wont work is that the export flattens the images so there are no layers. The only way to do what you want would be to duplicate the page and switch to that page, showing and hiding the visibility of the layer.

Hope that helps


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