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revDuke 2007-04-20 01:05 AM

splitting off a row into a column

I have a phone list. At the moment, just imported from a text file,
I have a row that looks like this:

John Citizen 4455 6667

How can I best separate the name from the number. Can I position the cursor at the end of the name and press some keyboard combo that will send the phone to the next column?


DerekM 2007-04-20 02:37 PM

Sorry, there's no key command for that. You would need to cut and paste, or if you edit the text file to separate the names from the numbers by a tab character, when you import it the phone numbers will be in their own column.

revDuke 2007-04-20 03:53 PM

splitting off row ...
good idea!

I can do the tab-thing quite well with a standard text editor and grep.

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