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Ward 2007-07-08 06:35 AM

Undo text replacement, i.e., undo typing
I'd like to be able to undo a typing mistake. Here's the scenario that prompts this request:

In Project view, I was tabbing thru a selected Project, changing the context on every line (because I'd spun off a new sub-context). When each field was reached, the existing value was pre-selected for automatic replacement by new text.

I accidentially started typing the new context name into an action description. Poof, the description was gone and I had no way to get it back. Since I was not paying attention to the individual actions, I have no idea what action I accidentally zapped. Sigh.

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tango 2007-07-08 07:15 AM



Ward 2007-07-08 07:31 AM

Undo all typing, not a character at a time
Edit > Undo is available. I didn't realize this when I opened this thread because OmniFocus Undo does one character at a time.

When I realized I'd wiped out the action description, I instantly typed Command-Z, expecting all of my typing to be undone. I didn't notice at the time that I'd actually untyped one character and could have retrieved my action description if I'd typed Command-Z more times.

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