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sprynmr 2007-08-20 06:17 PM

Remember Page Size - Gmail Links
Ok I'm a new OW owner here and I have a few issues.

I'm using one of them alpha builds, (90300 to be exact), and every time I create a new window it goes to a much smaller window than I like to browse with. Is there a preference I'm missing somewhere? Can it remember how big I had the last one open, or is this an alpha thing?

Also, do links inside gmail messages work for anyone? Mine don't do anything when I click them.


xiamenese 2007-08-21 12:37 AM

Lots of threads on this ... set the size you want, then under the Window menu: Save Window Size



darcy1b 2007-09-13 09:17 AM

If you have ad blocking on, links clicked in gmail will also be blocked. Check the status bar at the very bottom of the window for a small square window icon with an X in it. That indicates a pop up was blocked and it could be your link. Click on the icon and select an item in the pop up menu and a new window will open. I still have issues when I force Google to open new windows in a new tab instead. Usually, I get the new tab and a new window of the same link. It will also break the "Pop Out" option in a gtalk chat within gmail.

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