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Quorcork 2008-07-14 03:07 PM

Syncing crashes OF for iPhone
I've been using OF for the iPhone for a few days now. I had some woes but mainly it worked ok so far. I accepted crashes and lockups just for the fact that finally i can sync my stuff from the Mac to my mobile, big big big step. :)

However i'm stuck right now. This evening i synced OF on the Mac before leaving office and afterwards continued using OF on the iPhone. It was a bit astonishing to see that OF iPhone took approx. one hour (sic) to sync the data via EDGE. I hope this can be improved in the future. ;)

After using the iPhone into the later evening however i ran into a real show-stopper. Just before dropping into the bed i wanted to make sure the evenings status is synced back to the idisk (using MobileMe to sync, btw). So i pressed sync.

From here on it's always the same (and i've been trying for two hours now):
1) OF iPhone informs me that the file on the iDisk has been reset (it was not) and asks me wether to use the local or the server based file.
2) I want to keep the local file as it contains several more hours of work so i choose local file.
3) OF iPhone starts to sync and locks the iphone, total freeze
4) After a minute or so the iPhone reboots
5) Restart OF iPhone and Goto 1)

All devices use latest updates (MacOS, iPhone, OF Mac, OF iPhone).

The only help i see is resetting the iPhones OF DB but would prefer not to do so in order to keep my work.
Any ideas how to get out of this?

Best regards

MichaelG 2008-07-14 04:56 PM

I'm having similar problems. I got things working relatively smoothly for about 4 hours yesterday. Then I ran into problems with the iphone synching endlessly unless I stopped it...and even then crashing, often to the point of not being able to open it again (it is happening again as I write this) and having to dump the app and reload it. It's in really bad shape.

I'm not counting on this working anymore until there is an update with the iphone software. I'm also beginning to understand why Jobs was reluctant to have other party's software on his phone. Hopefully it will eventually work itself out.

It was SO damn cool when it was working...

Brian 2008-07-17 12:11 AM

Quorcork, just so I get a better idea of what's going on here, how long does OmniFocus stay in step 3?

Do we sync there for an hour, and then crash? Or does it happen right after you press the "Local" button?

jtynefield 2008-07-17 01:35 PM

I found a lighter-weight way to break the "crash on sync" loop. Click on an x-omnifocus-settings link, like the one generated by OF-OSX to communicate your sync-settings. I was able to restart my phone syncing and recover ( obviously losing unsynced iphone-side updates ).

deivers 2008-07-18 05:35 PM

jtynefield, I don't understand, can you explain the procedure in detail. When I try to sync OF on iPhone, it crashes at the point where it asks for user name and password for the webdav url. I've already reset the db on iphone in trying various things, so all my OF data is only on my Mac.

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