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ssanchez 2006-06-26 08:25 AM

Creating File Links rather than embedding
I am trying to link files into my OOP doc (I'm using kGTD and when I've completed an item, I want a link to the file I've created). Reading the help we have:

[QUOTE]If you attach a folder, or hold the control key while dropping a file, an alias (a "link") to the file or folder will be created instead[/QUOTE]

Is there any reason why the modifier is Control rather than Cmd-Alt which is the Finder standard for creating aliases / links? Is there any way to change the modifier? There is no menu item in OOP that I can find, so i can't just change the keyboard shortcut in Sys Prefs.

Its a pain because a) I have to remember a different key combination for OOP and b) because I have to start dragging the file in Finder before I can press the modifier key because Ctrl-click in Finder obviously means something else.


atomicpirate 2006-10-17 08:03 AM

Aliases cause major slowdowns
I have noticed that an outline with many embedded links/aliases causes OmniOutliner to become quite sluggish when you attempt to scroll around in the document. I can't think of any good reason for the slowdown--has anyone else come across this issue?

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