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Prahlad Gupta 2007-08-15 10:50 AM

sync to iCal: eliminate project names in tasks?
Here's a feature request. This is for syncing to iCal.

I sync OF --> iCal --> Treo. The OF --> iCal sync appends the project name to each action. Then when I sync iCal --> Treo, these project names show up at the end of each task on my Treo, making my to-do lists long and unwieldy. (Each task occupies more than one line, because of the appended project name; so even a short to-do list then spans more than on screen, requiring scrolling on the PDA).

Could we have a preference for OF --> iCal syncing so that suffixing of project names to actions can be turned off?

And also a preference to turn off the prefixing of "OF:" to tasks? (I know this second idea has been discussed in the forum before)

kioneo 2007-08-15 12:57 PM

I second this request. Or at least make it an option. I can certainly see where knowing the project would be nice, but in my mind a well written task should stand alone and be able to be accomplished without the need for me to mentally tie it back to a project at that very time.

ksrhee 2007-08-16 04:11 AM

I juggle multiple projects with similar tasks, and having the project indication would be a must for me, but since some folks don't need it, I suggest make this an option. Some programs have an option to make this a prefix, suffix, and/or add other characters to customize it.

dbyler 2007-08-16 06:46 AM

Concur: it would be nice to have different options available.

One option would be to put the project name in the task note field. That way, it would be available when you need it -- without taking up valuable "name" space.

alexius 2008-01-21 02:51 PM

Bumping this! Has it been addressed? I would love an option (even a hidden one!) to turn off the addition of project names to synced tasks.

I suppose this isn't the most constructive first post, but fear not, I love OmniFocus!

orielwen 2011-07-07 06:09 AM

This is years old, but I can't find anything more recent, and I can't find such an option in the current version I"m trialling. Have I missed it somewhere?

I would like to have this option, particularly if it could be turned on and off for individual projects.

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