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atreinke 2010-10-24 01:26 PM

Focused Perpective
I have set up a number of perspectives that I like to use. One of these is a Focused perspective that shows all of the next actions in my work projects. I have 4 Folders set up that contain all my work projects, each folder has a Single Action list in it.

My question is: How do I exclude the Single action lists from this perspective? I have all 4 Folders focused in my perspective. I don't want to just select the projects because then whenever I add a new project it will not show up in the perspective until I re-do that perspective to include it. I just want to "exclude" the single action lists while the Folders are still selected in the focus.

whpalmer4 2010-10-24 04:49 PM

If you use RobTrew's Where in OF script, you could save a search, complete with the shortcuts to bypass the intermediate result selection, which would make it about three clicks to get to that view.

atreinke 2010-10-24 05:45 PM

Thanks whpalmer4, I was hoping for a key combo to deselect an item when setting up the perspective, kind of like using the "Command-click" to select multiple items. My ultimate goal here is to use it on my iPad. I could have sworn I read somewhere here in the forums about how to do this, and I spent a lot of time hunting for it but no luck. I must have been dreaming.


whpalmer4 2010-10-24 07:49 PM

Yeah, there's no way to dynamically exclude all SALs from a perspective, so you would have to regularly update the perspective, and it sounded like you didn't want to do that.

Maybe name your SAL for folder XYZ as XYZ Miscellaneous instead of XYZ : Miscellaneous? Then you could select the folder when building the perspective (not selecting the items inside it) and I think the right thing would happen if you subsequently added a project to the folder. Test it out to be sure my Mac is offline at the moment so I can't verify that suggestion.

atreinke 2010-10-26 04:27 PM

@whpalmer4, I took your suggestion. I took all the single action lists out of my Work folders and placed them right below each respective folder in the heirarchy (sp?). After that it was easy to set up a perspective without the single actions and only the next actions from each project.

My "NA's by Context" perspective shows ALL NA's, but when I want to see just those NA's for my projects I can with the "NA by Project" perspective. And this all carries over to my iPad. Thanks for the suggestion.

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