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speed2fly 2010-12-23 07:40 AM

Feature Request: Tagging
I'd like to request tagging in Omnifocus.

I'd like to separate "multipule contexts" from tagging. To me tagging is an information orgnazation thing and contexts are a GTD thing.

While nested folders and actions are interesting and useful, tagging is way more flexible. Examples:

Project - Remove proof of concept hosting racks ****Tags:capacity mgt.; facilitities

Project - Build out final hosting envirenent ***Tags:procurement; capacty mgt.; facilities

If people are inclinded to deviate from pure GTD (like they do in Things) then they could do so by using tagging.

I'm one of the first beta testers of OmniFocus from way back in the day but given the number of projects I have to deal with and the number of process boundaries they cross the folder structure is really breaking down for me...

curt.clifton 2010-12-23 08:47 AM

Use Help - Send Feedback to get feature requests logged in the database.

Kourosh 2010-12-23 10:18 AM


You could use the notes field for something similar. I.e. write #capacitymgt #facilities. Then use the search field whenever you would like to find the "tagged" projects and tasks.

RobTrew 2010-12-23 12:04 PM

FWIW I use an integrated OmniFocus <-> DevonThink work-flow, and tag the OF items, when needed, on the DevonThink side.

(You can drag OF Projects or Actions straight into DevonThink, where they become taggable DT records with single-click links straight back to the object in OF).

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