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WillisWasabi 2011-07-24 06:35 AM

Lion Quick Entry bug
I've just file the following as a bug. Or is this just me?
[INDENT]"When in a full screen app in Lion (the publicly released version), I've noticed 2 bugs with the Quick Entry window.

First, it doesn't come up reliably. Sometimes it comes up, sometimes it doesn't but when I switch back to the desktop with OF running in it, the Quick Entry window is popping up and disappearing a few times corresponding to the several key presses I made to launch it. This was very inconsistent, but now I've restarted OF and I can't replicate it.

Second, the suggestions for projects and contexts do not work in full screen windows. Letters that should trigger the list do not."[/INDENT]

malisa 2011-07-24 10:23 AM

I'm going to tag onto this thread because it appears to be another full screen issue. Reported to support as well.

When in a full screen app the OF 'badge' is not operable at the top of the page. I click on it, it just turns blue and white and does nothing.

Mau 2011-07-27 01:43 PM

I see the same behavior as WillisWasabi, flakey response from the quick entry window when in full screen app. Just thought I'd mention it to confirm the bug.

npadley 2011-07-28 09:20 PM

Same here. I'm particularly seeing it using the clipper in mail when in full screen.

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