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sheydin 2013-11-14 12:06 PM

Version 5 and 6 freezing with fontd process
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Dear sirs,

you are my last hope. Since Version 5 OmniGraffle is frozen each 3-5 minutes together with the fontd process. The bigger the graffle-file, the longer the freeze. The newest version 6.0.2 does the same. I love the software but this makes it unuseable and also the only reason I didnít buy the upgrade for 6 yet.*

iStat shows that the fontd process causes the freezes. People on the net say it is because of font duplicates but there are none. Already have tested the OG6 freezes by creating another user in OS X.

Please find the attached console log screenshot. This message usually appears during the frequent fontd process amok run:
14.11.13 18:58:02,957 OmniGraffle[12339]: Can't read image from pasteboard: trying a temporary file "/var/folders/1t/6mvgmtx12bl2k2z8ltr1vh080000gn/T/com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle6/image.eps" <1>: (null)

OG is permanently writing different vector images in there I drag & dropped from Illustrator into the canvas. Copy & Paste still does not work.** It even does when I didnít open any graffle file and the Resource Browser is open rendering the thumbnail previews.

However, this topic is about the freezing and the console message above. Can anyone please help me?

* By the way: How do I upgrade to 6 if I bought 5 in the App Store?? Do I have a serial to upgrade manually?
** How come you donít support copy & paste from illustrator?

sheydin 2013-11-17 12:52 PM

Solution found!
I fixed the freezes by disabling Versions in Mountain Lion for Omnigraffle. Seems as if by automatically saving a new versions also generates a Quick Preview that caused the Console errors and freezes.

defaults write $(osascript -e 'id of application "OmniGraffle"') ApplePersistence -bool no

Still Iíd like to use OS X versions with large files. Please fix it.

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