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joerg.battermann 2006-06-18 05:12 AM

Database Layout?
Hey there,

I was wondering whether any of you uses Omnigraffle to create database layouts?

Best regards,

Cortig 2006-06-21 06:29 PM

I have... Once or twice (it's not something I need to do every day and FileMaker/4D have rather decent way to represent database layout for my purposes).

delu 2006-06-25 01:29 AM

I tried, but it was horrible.

I used the MySQL stencils from [url][/url]
but they are quite bad.
E.g. I miss a PK/FK support, like Visio has it.

Hope someone will provide a better solution, because I really like OmniGraffle.

luftikus143 2007-01-12 01:06 AM

Hi there,

any news concerning this subject? Anybody who meanwhile created and posted a stencil for database design?

Thanks for any hints!

edwardog 2007-05-15 11:54 AM


I'm also looking for the SQL Schema Import extra which seems to have disappeared. Anyone still have it hanging around?

JKT 2007-05-15 03:14 PM

For stencils, try [URL=""]Graffletopia[/URL]

edwardog 2007-05-15 04:18 PM

I'm actually looking for the script that'll turn SQL into an OmniGraffle diagram; anyone still have it handy?

halbtuerke 2007-10-08 04:05 AM

Does anyone have this script?

Thanks in advance

pingu 2008-03-14 05:12 AM

Did anyone manage to track this script down? If so would you mind posting up a URL?


fmueller 2008-03-18 04:30 AM

There are scripts that generate Graphviz files (see [URL=""]here[/URL]). These, in turn, can be imported in OG.

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