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CDJM 2013-06-07 08:08 AM

OO spell checking on iPad
I am utterly unable to enable spell checking in Omnioutliner 1.5 on an iPad 4. Spell checking works in nearly every application with text entry - but not in OO. Am I missing something or is this fairly essential feature missing?
Assistance appreciated.

mch_nz 2013-06-11 04:51 PM

Are you using an external keyboard?

I raised a bug for this issue and was told that OO currently supports Auto Suggest only not spell checking. Unfortunately Auto Suggest doesn't work with a bluetooth keyboard. So until either OO supports spell checking or Apple enable autosuggest with external keyboards I guess we just have to either put up with spelling mistakes or just use the internal keyboard.

If you are frustrated with this then please raise it with support, the more requests they get the higher the priority of a fix


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