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FlyingB 2013-07-23 01:49 PM

Attachments no longer syncing
As of just earlier today, Omni Sync Server doesn't appear to be syncing attachments (or at least jpg or png files) that are added on Macs. If I take a picture on my iPhone or iPad and add it to a task, it will sync just fine. But if I drag a small jpg file into the notes section on Mac #1, and sync, then on Mac #2 the attachment icon will show up, but trying to view it will bring up a "not found" error, while on my iPhone or iPad the attachment won't show up at all. Until today, this has worked wonderfully.

steve_s 2013-07-24 03:12 PM

Hi FlyingB! It sounds like you may be adding an alias to the file, rather than embedding it. To embed the file, hold the option key while dragging it to the notes field (you should see a green '+' on next to the cursor). That should do it!

FlyingB 2013-07-24 05:30 PM

Hi Steve, and thanks! That works, but it also leaves me feeling a bit foolish, though... I could swear that I've never done that (held down option), but it used to work. And I've used OF for years, which is why I posted what I [I]thought[/I] wasn't a basic question. No matter now, since it's working. I appreciate your charitable answer rather than something like, "Read the OF manual, page 5." ;-) Cheers!

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