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drfrot 2011-06-16 05:46 AM

Mailing outline to Evernote
One of the key missing features in Evernote is the ability to take decent rtf notes on the iPad. OmniOutliner, on the other hand, obviously does a lovely job.

Thing is, Evernote is my repository for [I]everything[/I]. I need to get notes from OmniOutliner in there too.

I can send as plain text, but that seems to defeat the object somewhat.

However, if I send as a dynamic or simple html (via my Evernote email address), it sends as a .zip file.

Opening Evernote (Mac) desktop shows the emailed note, but no attachment, not even the .zip file. In fact, the new Evernote note that's created simply says "Sent from my iPad"

Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to send html OmniOutlines to Evernote?



Arrow 2011-06-21 01:50 PM

What I've been able to do. Note, this is with an Evernote Premium account.

Emailing as a dynamic HTML - open in iPad Evernote app and the exposure triangles don't work. The font is very small. Open the note in GoodReader and the exposure triangles work. Font is still small, but ok.

Emailing as OPML - open in iPad Evernote app and it is all in code, unreadable. But it allows me to open in OO and it works just fine.

Emailing as OO format - get a zip file. Open in GoodReader and only able to view PDF quick view. Not able to bet back to OO.

I can try to see what happens when I go to my notebook when I'm home.

Arrow 2011-06-21 02:49 PM

I just tried it on my MBP.

Double clicking on the dynamic HTML note opens it in Safari. All the triangles work.

Double clicking on the OPML note opens and works normally in OO and Circus Ponies Notebook.

Double clicking on the zip file of the OO3 file unzips it in Finder. The native OO3 file is there and double clicking on it opens it in OO and it works fine.

Having the Premium Evernote account may be the key.

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