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Leon Starr 2008-06-26 08:03 PM

Stencil question / feature request
This might be a feature request unless I am missing something.

One of the problems with the stencil view is that a shape may be small and appear really tiny in the green grid view in the stencil library.

First, why not scale up each stencil item so that it fits the big green square? Then you can identify the shape easily.

Second, the name that appears in the text box below the stencil grid view prominently says [B]Rectangle[/B] or [B]Group[/B]. This is not terribly useful. It would be nicer to see user defined names in the bold font like [B]Star[/B], [B]Plus Sign[/B], [B]Valve[/B] or whatever.

I have found that I can attach a note and set a keyword pair like Name, "Plus Sign", and that this appears when the mouse hovers. That's okaayy... but really, I think being able to just name a stencil item would be easier and most importantly, making that name [B]Prominent[/B] would be really helpful.

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