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GeoffAirey 2013-09-12 03:10 AM

[QUOTE=halexis;127161]Any clue as to what OF2 will bring besides iOS7 ?[/QUOTE]

This is my question exactly.

I have no problem paying for OF software, OF for iphone and ipad have both paid for themselves many times over.

For this to be a version 2 release, it should have something significant to bring to the party with new features and / or technology.

ext555 2013-09-12 05:38 AM

I"m sure they will publish some preview screen shots or something very soon . On another note , I've been wondering if the feds are going to start looking closer at apples " lack of upgrade mechanism " on the app store . Seems like it shouldn't be that hard to set one up ?

Brian 2013-09-12 11:44 AM

As everyone can probably guess, we've been quite busy around here for the last couple of days, but I wanted to confirm several things that have been said in the thread.

Installing iOS 7 doesn't force you to stop using OF1 if you'd prefer to do so. The app launches and is useful on the new OS.

In addition to the completely redesigned and rebuilt UI, iOS 7 makes some things that customers have been requesting for years possible where they previously weren't. (Yes, there are goodies under the hood, in other words.)

It'll be a [URL=""]few more days[/URL] before we can answer questions more specifically, but we'll have screenshots and a video ready at that point, as well. Hang tight. :-)

omninutz 2013-09-13 11:14 AM

True but I'm almost certain they will do what a lot of other apps have done like 1password and make the new app 50% off for a week or two as a thank you to earlier adopters who stay on top of things.

JKT 2013-09-14 03:51 AM

[QUOTE=CatOne;127168]It sounded like it. Given there hasn't been a paid upgrade to OmniFocus since the original version shipped in June 2008, it seems reasonable for them to charge for an upgrade. You don't need to upgrade if you don't want, [B]and the App Store has no mechanism to offer discounted upgrades[/B].[/QUOTE]
It's true that OF hasn't had a pay for upgrade since 2008 but not everyone will have bought it then (I did, btw, but not the other OG iOS apps due to go to v.2 that I bought much more recently). It's the reality of the App store's lack of upgrade pricing that I hope and wish OmniGroup recognise means they need to adopt a different charging regime. A week or 2 after initial release like 1password at e.g. half price is a good compromise IMO. It means that current users get the opportunity to upgrade with a discount but obviously it means they lose out for any new users who purchase in that period. However, isn't it better to keep loyal customers loyal than to lose your core base due to bad feelings around a sense of being gouged.

Boneman 2013-09-15 04:28 AM

If it helps to ensure the longevity of Omni Group, the maintenance of their apps and the support they offer, I'll happily pay more.

For the amount of value OmniFocus has given me over the last few years the paltry amount I paid works out to be one of the best investments I've ever made. I'm not going to quibble over a further contribution, especially if I get a better app out of it.

I hope they charge a fair price which reflects the work that's been put in and the value users will get out of it.

pitamakan 2013-09-15 08:37 AM

I guess they have to pay for that shiny, in-house theatre of theirs [I]somehow.[/I] :)

wilsonng 2013-09-16 01:42 AM

This is the new reality. Pay the price for the apps. But a new reality is that the apps are priced lower than traditional apps used to be.

I sometimes wonder whether I should pay $60 for a console video game or just pay $10 for an iPad video game.

At these new lower prices, it's still a bargain.

OmniFocus has shown its value to my daily life ten times over. I'd pay the same price if it helps my life out.

pitamakan 2013-09-16 06:14 AM

[QUOTE=wilsonng;127208]But a new reality is that the apps are priced lower than traditional apps used to be.[/QUOTE]

That's definitely true in many cases ... though I'd argue that Omni hasn't at all adapted to that new reality. The older pricing models still seem to work for Omni at the moment, though my personal guess is that they're not going to be sustainable for them in the long term. If it works for now, though ... more power to them, I suppose.

wilsonng 2013-09-16 05:09 PM

yes, that's true about Omni pricing their apps higher. But I guess some programs will never be priced any lower. If you think you got value for your purchase, then you'll feel justified to paying that high price. Otherwise it is a bit too much for buyers who don't use it enough to justify its price.

I use OF every day and live off of it. So I'll get my full money's worth out of the purchase of a new app version. My sister is quite happy with Reminders on the iPhone. She just shakes her head when she sees my OmniFocus setup. My life has a bunch of grouped tasks or projects. So I'll need OF for iPhone. Her life tends to be more of a bunch of single tasks that can be placed into simple lists or groups. She's quite happy with Reminders. At least we have choices.

We are also seeing a new business model in the software industry. Now we are asked to go a subscription model. Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud are the first salvo in an evolving industry. It may feel uncomfortable and strange at first. But it'll get accepted in the same way we pay for cellphone service or cable TV service.

In-App purchases have also become trendy to attract users to buy features in an ala-carte method. Just buy the features that you want or you can buy the entire package. Imagine a spreadsheet program. You get basic features for free or low cost. But then you can buy an engineering package for an additional sum for those that need those features. Then there could be a statistical package for those that may want those features.

It's interesting to see how the industry has evolved over the years.

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