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noumenal 2009-01-18 07:13 AM

Date columns in default context view; default views in general
I'm having some trouble making the start date and end date columns stick in the default Context view and the default Due view.

Sometimes, when switching between custom perspectives that include such columns in a context view, going back to the defaults retains those columns. But sometimes, I'll go into the default Due view and it will be missing the view bar and those date columns. (The various permutations that sometimes keep the columns and sometimes lose them are too complex to go into here.)

How do I make the date columns stick? I always always always want to see these columns it is *never* useful for me to not see them. But I can't seem to rely on them always being there. Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

More generally: is there any way of customising what columns are shown when Revert to Default View is selected?

Brian 2009-01-20 02:03 PM

If you've selected "revert to default view" and added those columns, they should stay visible unless one or more of your perspectives are hiding them again. The built-in Project and Context perspectives should just be letting whatever columns were visible in the previous view stay visible. (Which means if the previous view hid the columns, they stay hidden.)

If you can figure out which perspectives are hiding those columns, the solution would be to show the Perspectives window, check the 'also restore settings for other mode' box, and then make sure the start and due date columns are visible in both views of that perspective.

If you're hiding those columns on purpose in some of the perspectives, you'll probably want to select the built-in Project context, show the columns, and then select Save Window as New Perspective. Ditto for Context view.

Of course, the next step would be to send email to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] requesting the ability to edit the built-in perspectives. :-)

noumenal 2009-02-02 08:20 AM

None of this seemed to work, but trashing my preference files did (as advised by OF support, who suggested this when I wrote to them requesting the ability to edit the built-in perspectives).

Thanks anyway.

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