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hagboe 2007-12-17 04:38 AM

Minutes become months in duration
Hi, I am trying to make row with time duration. Now when ever I write 20m for 20 minutes I get 80 weeks. If I write 20 min the same result. I use the german version of omnioutliner pro, but that shouldn't make the difference. The words start with the same letter.
What am I doing wrong?

DerekM 2007-12-17 03:02 PM

Unfortunately the duration column doesn't do units smaller than hours. You can use decimal fractions of hours though. We'll be changing this in a future version. Sorry for the trouble!

hagboe 2007-12-19 12:22 AM

Thanks for the answer. So I hope for the futuere :-)

staypuffinpc 2008-02-21 03:24 AM

Any update on this? I use OO for lesson planning and not having minutes is somewhat less than convenient. As it is, I just leave the column as a numbered column instead of putting in decimal values.

DerekM 2008-02-21 10:13 AM

Status on this is still the same. It's something we'll be looking at adding most likely with the initial OO4 release. We do not have a release date for it yet though, sorry.

Mario Cudde 2008-08-27 11:51 PM

Hi, we are in august 08, in version 3.6.5 the minutes are not working, what is the states about this ?

Thank you, i would quit Excell to OO…

Andrew 2008-08-28 12:42 PM

Status is unchanged: unfortunately, support for durations as minutes is a feature that we won't likely add to OmniOutliner 3, but it is likely (no promises, sorry) to arrive in the next major update.

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