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caroline 2009-01-25 04:28 PM

Problem with syncing to iCal; get weird URL
When I want to print out my To Do items as a List in iCal, each item has the following beneath it: URL: omnifocus:// task/nK12oVpvocp (the numbers and letters at the end are different for each task.

This happens even when I've created the task in iCal and then synced with OmniFocus.

This is incredibly annoying -- I just want a list of tasks.

If possible, I'd also like them sorted by calendar (I can't print out the list sorted by calendar when there is more than one calendar in my To Do list).

What do you suggest? (I'm not a technical whiz.) Thank you,

Lucas 2009-01-25 04:45 PM

I suggest printing from OF.

Brian 2009-01-26 05:27 PM

That URL is how we identify an OmniFocus action even if you change the name in iCal. (We also use it to keep track of cases where there's more than one action with the same name.) Basically, without those URLs, iCal sync wouldn't work.

I don't know enough about iCal's print capabilities to answer that portion of your question; just wanted to explain why the URLs were there.

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