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Chiller 2007-07-07 05:13 PM

OmniWeb 5.6 / 6 RSS Feed request
This may have been mentioned already...I would like to look at RSS feeds like Safari presents them. All feeds on one sheet or at least the option to do that. Vienna lets you choose that way or listing the feeds like emails (individual items). That is my 2 cents.

Splutter 2007-08-03 08:50 AM

Again for a browser like OW's sophistication, to detect and handle feeds in the limited way it does, appears to me to be a half-way solution that needs at least the Safari type implementation. Shiira showed (briefly) a very nice way for feed integration.

hardcoreUFO 2007-08-08 06:17 AM

I agree. There is no bigger Omni fan than me, but OW's feed handling is terrible. They either need to overhaul it or get rid of it.

Cortig 2007-08-08 06:54 AM

I keep my RSS feeds in a folder in the favorites and I found this quite easy to manage. I also appreciate very muh the fact that we can check the statuts of the feeds from the Dock Icon. What do you like in the way Safari handles RSS that OW doesn't have??

(now of course, for me serious RSS management, I use NetNewWire).

hardcoreUFO 2007-08-08 08:16 AM

There are a handful of nagging RSS bugs -- I've posted 4-5 myself -- that are pretty annoying. Its not necessarily the *way* OW deals with RSS, though that is showing its age, its just how shoddily-implemented it is.

marc 2008-04-28 08:12 AM

Disagreement around display
FWIW it seems to me that most disagreement around OW's feed handling centres around the presentation of feeds as 'bookmark-lets' vs. 'formatted display' a la Safari.

One limited suggestion I've made, to bridge the gap would be utilising a mechanism like the Custom Stylesheet option in Site Preferences, to allow users to view feeds as bookmarks, or view the feed rendered by the browser.

Obviously the rough edges could be smoothed, much as Safari does by making the rendered RSS view a special mode with appropriate affordances, and simplifying the process of selecting feed view mode (e.g. "View as Bookmarks" or "View as News Feed" when subscribing, and as Site Pref option.)

The Site Preferences feature could still allow Custom Stylesheets, allowing control over rendered feed appearances one a Per-Site, and/or Collection basis (by adding support for Collections to the Site Prefs feature.)
A side request would be to redesign the Bookmark Info pane to maximise the space available to the Comment/Feed Content pane, and allow custom font sizes in the field, to improve the reading experience of the current implementation.[/I]

Supporting both view modes would enable the user to deal with differently focussed feeds, e.g. notification feeds, bookmark lists/synching ( etc.) and full-content feeds.

Along with updates to Smart Collection capabilities (e.g. finer-grained feed-related properties) and the Bookmarks sidebar, these changes would make OW a very capable RSS reader indeed.

Of course, it might also help to support Growl. : )

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