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iNik 2008-06-21 12:57 PM

Icons! Icons! Icons!
I [heart] the included icons for perspectives. I'd really like to see more of them. I'm not much of a designer myself, and the minimalist black look is very snazzy.

As set of colored icons that fit in with the scheme of OF's toolbar icons would also be welcome.

I'd also like it if contexts could have icons attached to them. As I have few contexts, a list of pictures would be easier and quicker to select from than a huge list. Plus it would be pretty. :)

ptone 2008-06-21 11:20 PM

I would love to be able to do custom graphics for elements in the sidebar as well, or at least colors. Scanning long projects lists takes more work than it needs to.


gcrump 2008-08-16 08:08 AM

I finally started using the custom icons. I agree with iNik. Any chance of getting more?

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