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blewis 2008-07-18 05:36 PM

Completed and Completed Repeating Items NOT syncing
This is starting to get incredibly annoying. I have some daily activities that repeat. OF pretty much screws up the sync of at least 2/7 of my daily items per day. That leads me to hand manage "sync conflicts" once a day.

Just did a bunch of stuff today. Surprise, OF Desktop says they're not complete. Now OF iPhone cancels it's complete status, but not after rescheduling an uncompleted version for the future. Bam! Two items.

This feature really ******* <snip> too annoyed to put my less constructive thoughts down in public </snip>

Not working.

Ken Case 2008-07-18 05:48 PM

If syncing isn't working well for you, you might want to just turn it off for a while until we finish working out the rough edges. (We've worked out quite a few in the week since we released 1.1 sneaky peek builds, so it shouldn't be too much longer!)

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