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lostpacket 2009-09-23 11:47 AM

No syncing errors, but OF only syncing one way
OF on my desktop recently stopped syncing with my iPhone, but the iPhone still syncs with the desktop. Right now, there are 8 items in my iphone inbox and only 5 in my desktop inbox, with no errors.

I've tried all combinations of syncing and quitting both applications and I don't have any filters set on the desktop view bar.

How can I trust OF if I don't know if it's viewing items I've entered on my iPhone?

Any ideas on how to fix this?

whpalmer4 2009-09-23 12:44 PM

I'm going to guess that it only appears that you have one-way syncing. Did you bring up the All Items perspective to look for the missing actions? Look at your settings in the Data panel of the preferences -- what do you have selected for cleaning up inbox items, and the default list for single actions? If you have something other than "both a project and a context" selected, check whichever list it shows as the default list for single actions, and you'll likely find the missing actions there. The desktop and the iPhone versions may behave somewhat differently with respect to inbox items, depending on the options I mentioned, but I run with "both a project and a context" selected (which avoids this) and will let someone else comment further.

It's not impossible that you have uncovered a bug, but let's first rule out any cases where the program is operating as designed, if perhaps not as you intended.

lostpacket 2009-09-23 03:04 PM

It's set to "Either a Project or Context", but my inbox items never have Project or Context defined, so I don't think that's it.

The All Items perspective also shows no sign of them. Same with any searches I've done. I don't think the items are there.

Any other ideas? Everything was working fine yesterday and this is the first time I've opened my preferences in months.

Brian 2009-09-23 05:15 PM

Lostpacket - I'm really sorry for the trouble this is causing, and myself or one of the other support ninjas will be happy to investigate this.

We're going to need to collect some information from the phone and your sync server that isn't very forum-post-friendly, though, so can you send email to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] with a link to this forum thread?

There's a problem that could cause something similar to what you're describing, but we'll need more info to determine if that's actually what you're seeing.

If this is the problem I'm thinking of, the iPhone application may have added those transactions to the database in a way that isn't actually valid. In previous releases of the app, once that happened, it would break your ability to sync. (The current release of the Mac and iPhone apps prevent this from happening.)

If this is what's happened, the Mac app may be ignoring those transactions during the sync process. That said, we leave the transactions in the database specifically so we can fix problems like this by hand. There isn't a single fix that will work for everyone's database, which is why we don't have the app do it by itself.

Anyway, I'm not sure this is what you're seeing, but it's one possibility - if you contact us, we'll be able to get it sorted out.

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