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remedy5 2009-01-23 10:48 AM

Moving cursor in task title
I may be missing something here...

On the iPhone (v1.1.4) - Is there a way to begin editing the title of an existing action without starting at the end? I cannot get the cursor to focus on a specific portion of the task.

For example, if I wanted to edit the name "Leesa" to "Lisa" in the task below:

"Go pick up Leesa from the store"

How would I do this without deleting "...Leesa from the store" and retyping the whole thing?

FYI, I did not see this anywhere in the iPhone forum. If you know of an existing post regarding this issue, please point me to it.

Many thanks for the help!

JKT 2009-01-23 11:21 AM

The same way you do it in any other text entry area on the iPhone - tap and hold it to get the magnifying glass, drag the cursor to the part you want to correct.

JKT 2009-01-23 11:22 AM

Btw, if it isn't working for you, then it is a bug.

remedy5 2009-01-23 11:28 AM

Guess I should have been more clear....
Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried 'tap and hold' but it did not focus the cursor for me. This created the question. My apologies for not being very clear about my process.

Is anyone else able to move their cursor with finger gestures? If so, then maybe it is my setup. If not, then I'll submit a bug report.

FWIW, I use OmniFocus 1.5, iPhone version 1.1.4, and sync using MobileMe.

sfkeydel 2009-01-23 02:25 PM

I'm not having any difficulty doing this. You might want to reset your iPhone.

remedy5 2009-01-23 02:31 PM

Now I feel stupid....
Well, I went back after a few sync events and all is working well. Thanks for confirming that the capability exists. Maybe I need finger exercises ;-)

Thanks for the help, regardless.

Brian 2009-01-28 03:23 PM

I wouldn't feel dumb - I've had the text-magnifying loupe get kinda fiddly on me in a couple different applications on the iPhone. Hopefully this is one of the undisclosed fixes that the OS update earlier this week addressed. :-)

sgecko 2009-01-28 04:40 PM

it happens in the title every once in a while. but not consistent enough to repeat and claim it as a bug.

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