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iPhone synch - other apps do it wirelessly
i have been incredibly frustrated today by the inability to sync between OmniFocus on my iPhone and my Mac.

if webDAV or iDisk were REQUIRED, this should've been alerted to users somewhere during the download process. otherwise its very misleading.

other app providers seem to have figured out a way to wirelessly sync the desktop version with the iPhone version -- see SplashID for iPhone. that sync works perfectly without the need for webDAV or iDisk.

come on Omni what gives? don't let your hardcore fans down!

Brian 2008-07-11 05:58 PM

Sorry for the confusion - they're running using WebDAV to talk with your desktop computer. OmniFocus can do this, as well. There are instructions linked elsewhere on these forums that will help set it up.

We're definitely looking at ways we can simplify the setup for our users, though.

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