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upperleft 2010-08-27 11:56 AM

2 Users Sync off 1 iDisk
My wife is using OF with her iPad and loves it. I have read 2 users cannot use 1 OF database. What I want to do is buy a family license for the macs in the house (3) where we use individual desktops and sync OF using the one common mobile me account that we own. Is this possible? I have an iphone and would use the mac app and my iphone. She has the ipad and would use the mac app and ipad all syncing over one mobile me account. Thanks.

ifonline 2010-08-27 12:01 PM

Set up two directories for two different databases on one MobileMe account and it should work. In other words, for your database, you would have something like:{YOUR MEMBER NAME}/Documents/OmniFocus[b]His[/b]/{YOUR DATABASE}

And for her database, something like:{YOUR MEMBER NAME}/Documents/OmniFocus[b]Hers[/b]/{HER DATABASE}

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