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kismet 2011-08-09 08:37 PM

Good, clear, step-by-step tutorial videos?
I have seen a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube for OmniGraffle, but are there others/more that are accessible and free? The way I learn best is to watch a video actually working on a specific project. My friend made a short video (for Comic Life2) and I had my Comic Life2 application open right underneath my friend's movie.

[COLOR="Blue"]If there are any good instructional step by step videos that you know of for Omni Graffle, Omni Outliner PRO or Comic Life2, please let me know.[/COLOR] Thanks a lot.

My next project is to make a good outline on Omni Outliner PRO and then export it to OmniGraffle where hopefully I will be able to turn it into a more interesting graphic presentation.


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