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gflex 2012-02-24 12:47 PM

Import from Outliner as resources
Our small art department company in the TV industry in the UK has been using Omni Outliner Pro extensively over the last few years to break down scripts into required sets, props, crew, and other resources. We love its ability to break things down at an arbitrary level, and its pseudo spreadsheet functionality to estimate costs based on the breakdowns.

I have downloaded the 14 day trial of Omniplan to see if I can use it to help schedule things a bit better. I would like to import my outline files as resources. I would like each terminal level to become a concrete resource, and each parent level to become a resource group.

I cannot find a way to do this. The import functionality assumes the outline file describes activities, but in my case, and I am sure in many other cases, the bulk of the file describes resources (and their costs). Actually the files are a mixture of the 2. The top 2 levels are activities (filming day and scenes to be shot), and subsequent levels are resources used during the shoot of that scene. Since the bulk of the rows are resources, I would be content to have the file imported as a hierarchy of resources, but if I could configure the import such that the top 2 levels were tasks, and the remainder a hierarchy of resources, than that would be brilliant.

Any suggestions - can it be done.

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