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eightball 2007-09-30 02:58 PM

Leopard-sync, ical, multiple computers - Waiting for the big cat?
Okay, so here's my question/dilemma. I'm trying to sort through a workflow to keep omnifocus in sync on multiple computers, ical, iphone, etc (I know, we all are) but here's my question.

Does anyone have a sense of what kind of changes/clarity we're going to get in terms of syncing with Leopard?

I've seen mentions that things are going to get better but I'm trying to figure out if I should just sit tight for a few weeks before trying to figure out a method or are we going to be in the same place in a month?

Stated more clearly - How much is leopard going to change our current struggle?

Any thoughts? Thanks.


BwanaZulia 2007-10-01 09:07 AM

The bad news is there is no news which to me means that Leopard will not have all the features we want (iPhone task/notes syncing).

Apple usually like to tout new features.

The good news is Leopard WILL hold tasks and notes in Mail which will give us a step closer to getting them on the iPhone.

OF -> iCal -> Mail
OF -> iCal -> iTunes -> iPhone
OF -> iCal -> .Mac -> Another computer


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