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Petter 2008-11-09 11:41 PM

Edit text keyboard shortcut?
I'm so stuck, I don't know how to, when having a text shape selected, enter edit text mode without cklicking the mouse. I know (almost) I've done it before but I just can't remember. And searching help, mailing lists or forums won't turn up a thing for me (maybe it's just Monday morning...)

Anybody like to help?

Joel 2008-11-10 11:00 AM

The Return key works fine in this regard.

Petter 2008-11-11 10:32 PM

[QUOTE=Joel;50562]The Return key works fine in this regard.[/QUOTE]

Indeed it did. Magic...
(Monday morning indeed)

Thanks a bunch.
Maybe it could be added to the help (Text Tool, "Click a shape to start editing its text.") for people who are as unimaginative as I.

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