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steve 2008-11-06 09:26 PM

Export: OmniFocus Archive vs OmniFocus Document
When you export, you can choose between:

OmniFocus Archive and OmniFocus Document

It seems like they are the same thing. Does anyone know the difference between OmniFocus Archive and OmniFocus Document?


observer88 2008-11-07 05:56 AM

When you export to a document, it appears to export everything. Archive affects all items prior to a specified date.

steve 2008-11-07 06:38 AM

Observer, thanks for the reply. When you use file--"move data to archive" that is the behavior. When you use file...export... save as archive it seems to be the same as file...export... save as omnifocus document

Toadling 2008-11-07 05:43 PM

Well, one difference I noticed is that saving as an Archive seems to compact all your transactions in the new file, while the regular document format does not.


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