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Russ 2007-11-26 03:17 AM

Problem: syncing with iCal and task due date
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It seems that I have some sort of bug with iCal sync.

in OF I have an action due today and when I sync it with iCal, the later gets wrong date for the action. iCal shows the to-do item as due yesterday. Please see attached image. I am in GMT+4 timezone. I think it's the timezones get in way.

another bug (and I consider this is a bug) is the following: when you add action and type "today" in the due field, the newly created action becomes already overdue (red). if you click on a calendar icon and then you'll see that time is set to 0:00 which is default value. I think that it should defaults to 23:59:59 at least for due field and 0:00 for start field.


Russ 2007-11-26 03:21 AM

Please note the above text and screenshot has been edited on 21 of November and sent to omni feedback e-mail. I just decided to post it here today to see if anyone else have the same problem.

Also, the above is still true for the latest build v52.0.95099.

Raff 2007-11-26 08:22 AM


I do have the same problem, and I do have a few things to add: if I change the date in OmniFocus and then sync, it comes back to the preceeding date, and displays a sync error dialog. Whatever I choose, it seems that sync makes changing the task day impossible.

Raff 2007-11-26 09:35 AM

Apparently, it seems to be a recurring problem. This thread expose the same problem, and it does not seem to be solved:
[URL=""]OF -> iCal not working[/URL]

Russ 2007-11-26 09:45 AM

Hi Raff,

Yeah, I was able to find it these (many!!) topics _after_ I registered at the forum and posted my question here. The search feature seems to working in a crippled mode for guest accounts. I hope OMNI guys will fix that..

I use iCal syncing to transfer my @errands actions to my smartphone. So I sync OF with iCal, then sync iCal data to my phone.

It's getting even more interesting, when you sync OF with iCal one more time, my @errands items travel back to OF with incorrect due dates.


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