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jopa5800 2007-11-30 03:07 AM

Status of PDA support (Palm, iPhone, Blackberry, Win)
I downloaded a copy of OF just the other day and watched the 15 minutes introductory movie and I must say I am quite impressed by what I saw. But although I searched the forum I am still not clear about the one issue that is very important for me and where most GTD apps I know fail.
Not all of us sit in front of a computer all (work)day long. Therefor synching back and force with the major PDA systems (in my case a Palm) is one of the most important features I would request from a GTD app.
So what is the position of the OF developers towards this request?
Thank you.


P.S. Please forgive my bad Englsih I am not a native speaker and my opportunities to practice are quite limited.

sag 2007-11-30 10:55 AM


I am not an OF developer. But your post resonates with me as well as I feel it is a vital aspect. I will relay my current working situation with the iPhone for whatever it is worth.

(1) Calendar app on iPhone does not support Todo items yet. :'( So sync'ing from OF --> iCal --> iPhone flow doesn't work. This is a deficiency with the iPhone app. OF-->iCal works fine. But even the iCal Todo list view is underwhelming (hence, OF :) ).

(2) Authoring todo items on the iPhone and sync'ing to OF or iCal doesn't happen. The feature just doesn't exist on the phone. I'm looking into these...

(3) However, authoring tasks and sending them to OF via Email works like a charm. And suits my primary need, which is to capture tasks while I am out and about. (This is because things just pop into my mind and I don't want to forget them.)

Would love to know how other folks are fairing on this subject.


brianogilvie 2007-12-02 12:45 PM

OmniFocus already syncs with Palm via iCal. In the OmniFocus Preferences, choose Sync and specify which contexts should sync with your iCal calendars. You then set your Palm to sync with the iCal calendar(s) where you keep your OmniFocus actions. I use the Missing Sync to handle my Palm syncing.

I have OmniFocus set up to sync those contexts where I won't have my computer to my Palm. Every day I sync OmniFocus with iCal, sync my Palm, and then sync OmniFocus again (to get anything that I might have changed on the Palm).

But when OmniFocus for the iPhone arrives--or for the iPod Touch--I'll probably break down and get one! :-)

Latent 2007-12-02 01:25 PM

Palm support is critical for some of us
OF is amazing and I just started learning all the ways to use it. I just wanted to mention that living in Canada where the iPhone is still unavailable (with no sign of arriving anytime soon) and current data plans are priced for coorporations and not small bussines owners like me, Palm support is critical.

I just got my first Treo and I wish I could afford to send emails to my Mac for all the actions I create when on the road but since iSync is my only option (also looking into Missing Sync to see if it offers more..) I would like to stress that this is the only way I know of to get my info back on my Mac.

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