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RayZorback 2010-06-10 08:55 PM

Short CUT! OP to OF!
Hey yall. I'm new, so some genius somewhere may have already posted this (if so, please delete this mr./ms. mod).
I just wanted to share how to keep from retyping your OmniPlan into your OmniFocus if you haven't found it.

In OmniPlan: Select the Items you would like to list in OmniFocus & copy them to your clipboard.

In OmniFocus: Open your Project. Create 2 Actions in your project and drag one under the other to make a group. (There is probably another way to do that, but that is how I do it). Name your group. Select the CHILD of that group and "paste" your OPlan items (& you can delete that extra action). TADA! Now you have a list of all your OP items in OmniFocus.

It wont keep it in sync and it copies any of the extra stuff you have in the OP list, but at least it keeps you from retyping a MASSIVE project!

I hope that helps someone & sorry to your forum vets who can point out 12 other posts that are exactly the same. :)

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