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jackfranklin 2009-08-30 05:51 AM

Today Perspective not working
It's showing tasks due tomorrow :( Which I obviously don't want:
What am I doing wrong?

Greg Jones 2009-08-30 06:18 AM

The 'Due or Flagged' perspective includes the tasks that are considered 'Due Soon'. You need to set the 'Preferences>Data>Due Soon is in the next' switch to 24 hours if you do not want to display tomorrow's tasks. Even then, tasks for tomorrow will show today if they fall in the 24 hour window.

whpalmer4 2009-08-30 09:13 AM

If you don't have your heart set on grouping by context, try grouping by due date in that view, and perhaps sorting by either due or context. You'll get a group for stuff due today, and a group for stuff due tomorrow, and so on. You can close all but the due today group and save the perspective. I do all my start/due-based viewing in such a view, because it allows me the most control over which events are included (without messing up my styling choices for "due soon" items), and it doesn't much matter to me which context something is in when I'm looking to see what is due today.

apinaud 2009-08-31 02:31 PM

This is something I do not understand, I want to see today or before, I want to have my context, i do not understand why they removed?

At least I want to see overdue, (I can set today to early in the day and make them overdue)

Please do not remove this function from the phone, it is already enough problem on the Mac.

I hope OF team can revert back to DUE TODAY OR OVERDUE. That was so useful

whpalmer4 2009-08-31 02:47 PM

I'm sorry, but I don't understand -- what is it that you think was removed?

Brian 2009-08-31 08:15 PM

Apinaud, as far as I know, that feature has always been "Due Soon or Flagged"; I don't know of a time where it's been possible to set it to "Overdue or Flagged".

If you reinstall OmniFocus 1.6.1 from [URL=""]this link[/URL], can you send a screenshot of what you were seeing in the old version of the application to the [EMAIL=""]Support Ninjas[/EMAIL]? That will help us suggest what needs to be adjusted in v1.7...

(You can take a screenshot by pressing command-shift-4, which will give you a selection cursor. Tap your Space key, click on the window you want to capture, and when you release the mouse the image will be saved to your desktop as 'Picture 1', 'Picture 2', etc.)

You can then drag the images to an email message and send them to us. We'll use the information they contain to try and figure out what's going on here.

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