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workinprogress 2009-06-05 04:56 AM

Adding Resource Changed End Date
When I assign a resource to a task, the end date gets pushed back a number of days, and I have to reset this a bug or expected behavior?

whpalmer4 2009-06-05 05:57 PM

Can you show us an example? If that task is set (as is the default) to be scheduled as soon as resource availability permits, the task won't be scheduled until that resource is available, or a violation will be flagged if you have scheduled a fixed start time for the task and the resource isn't available at that time.

If your resource is available at less than 100% availability, this will make the duration go up, which will push out the end date, or if your resource is not available for part of the expected time due to a modified work week, that can also cause the end date to be pushed out beyond what you might expect.

If you can put up an example, we can have a look, or you can use the Help->Send Feedback command to send a declassified version of your file to the Omni support personnel and ask them if the behavior you are seeing is anomalous.

skwirl 2009-06-10 07:09 PM

What whpalmer4 said. ;-)

workinprogress 2009-10-04 10:42 AM

Allrighty, I think I get this now...if I add a SECOND resource, for example, I am adding an editor to a task that already has an author, the duration changes, I'm assuming because I'm doubling resources. Is that correct? If I split the assigned amount to 50% per resource, I get my end date back.

Is there a way I can avoid this default? I'd like to be able to assign as many resources as I want without changing the duration of the task...(I know that goes against a major function, but I'm tracking several employees and tasks...)

whpalmer4 2009-10-04 01:51 PM

If you look at the inspector for a task (Task:Information), you'll see a little icon looking like a couple of people from shoulders up next to either the Duration or Effort field. That indicates that the value next to the icon is the one that will be recomputed if you change the resources alloted to the task. If the task is sweeping the driveway, you would put the icon next to the Duration field, because more people out there sweeping would presumably get the job done sooner (though Effort would remain constant). If the task is gestating a baby, you'd put the icon next to the Effort field, because the Duration is going to be fairly constant no matter how many women you assign :-)

Does that answer your question?

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